Our Family History

The Lords of Devon, The Brabbs, Greens & Lofthouses of Yorkshire, the Dunning's of Shropshire and the Finlays of Ireland all make up our family.

Richard has been researching his family tree since 1998, he has managed to get back to the 1300's on some of his lines. He started his research when you had to go to the Library HQ and manually go through the census's one micro fiche at a time. You could spend hours and not find any one. It's changed so much in recent years, it's just amazing! 

Well the Lords originate from North Devon, England. Richards branch moved to Yorkshire around 1870 to work in the coal mines. But by the 1930's they were market gardeners, and now they are white collar workers. The Dunning's  - Alison's ancestors came from Shropshire via Staffordshire to also work in the coal mines.

Alison's family tree  has a more international flavour to it as she has an Irish mother and she has  relatives who live all round the world. You will find over 32,000 people on this database, we hope that you find who you are looking for.

Please note that I have not listed any one on this site who is still living, if your lucky enough to still be with us, please let me know and I will remove your details.

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I recently had my DNA tested by a well known company, that does that kind of thing, and it came up with the following results for me.

1. 71% English, Welsh & North Western Europe
2. 25% Irish & Scottish
3. 4% Swedish