In 2004 we also went to Venice we caught a train at 5.30am  in the morning from Cattolica changed trains at  Bologna and arrived in Venice about 10am

When we got to Venice we hopped onto a waterbus, and set off down the grand canal. Our first visit was to St Marks Square.

Now David and Pauline had been going on about a certain bar that we had to go to. It was called Harrys Bar, it is the birth place of the Bellini cocktail and has a world class restaurant. It was a little expensive but well worth it. If you ever go, make sure that you are wearing long trousers otherwise they will not let you in !

We found a wonderful restaurant for lunch (we could not afford to eat at Harrys Bar, without taking out a bank loan) The restaurant was about 200 yards from St Marks Square and was called 'Restaurante Calice' which specialised in sea food, so what did we all have? Pizza!

After lunch we had a wander around Venice and did all the tourist things, as you do.

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