Cattolica - 2004

In 2004, we went on a holiday with our friends David and Pauline.

When we arrived in Cattolica we walked along the promenade it was very different to what we expected. Every hotel 'owned' a section of the beach if you were not a resident of the hotel you had to pay to use the beach. The beach was kept very very clean, every night it was cleaned and raked. At the far end of the promenade we found a lovely square with fountains, ice cream parlours and restaurants, we spent many an afternoon here watching the world go by.

On an evening after dinner,  we would have a walk on the promenade call at a few bars and we all always ended  up at the 'Samana' bar, some nights it would be wall to wall with people and others just us. Alison & Pauline would have Bellini's and David & I would have ice cold beers. We got to know the owners very well and on the last night we bought a bottle of Champagne to say thank you to David and Pauline for a nice holiday. 

When the Champagne arrived, the owner sent us  a complimentary meal of  sea food, salted garlic bread. It was a really nice end to the holiday.

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