Rome 2004

After a nice evening meal in Cattolica and several rather large glasses of wine, we noticed a travel agent was open, and out of interest Alison and Pauline went in just to see how much it would cost to go to Rome.......thirty minutes later they came out clutching train tickets and a hotel reservation......we must have been crazy as the train left Cattolica at 5.55am.

We stayed in the Hotel Dei Consoli, which was right in the centre of the Vatican, so naturally St Peters was our first part of call. We are very lucky that we managed to get inside the Basilica with with only a twenty minute wait.

After an exhausting day we retired to the Piazza Navona. This square is is the most famous square in Rome. It covers the site of Domitians stadium, and in the centre is Bernini's famous "fountain of the four rivers'. After a few drinks and a fantastic meal we all went to bed very tired.

The next day we pounded the streets and visited many of the sites that Rome had to offer, and did our feet ache!

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